Helping African Cocoa Farmers

The winnower/grinder

David Zigro is picking up the two machines that PH&F commissioned in 2016.  Within the next 30 days, David will be manufacturing 30 g bars, wrapping them, and selling to supermarkets in Issia, Daloa, and Abidjan!  These may well be the first village made bars in Africa, the continent that grows 75% of the world's cacao.

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Seven Villages Bar

Made from the beans of seven villages in Côte d'Ivoire;  25 cents from sale of each bar used to start micro chocolate factories.

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Running Electricity

Thanks to a $3500 donation by Splash Cafe, Inc. of San Luis Obispo, we are now in the last stages of completing the Depa Project! This is a picture of bringing 220 3-phase from the rice mill that we built in 2013 to the three chocolate-making rooms.

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Installing the Broyeuse

The Depa Project: The broyeuse or grinder gets a room all its own. The base is being cemented in as the machine, which grinds cocoa nibs into a paste known as cocoa liquor or chocolate liquor or Kakaomasse, vibrates a lot and needs to be well fixed to the ground.

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Painting the Pezoan Factory

It's mid-December, 2017 and the Pezoan factory is pretty much done. Next, we have to raise $3,000 for electrification, $10,000 for the rice hulling machine, and $25,000 for the chocolate machines.

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What is PH&F?

Our story is the story of African cocoa farmers.

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